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7 Tips Every Orthodontic Patient Should Know to Get Perfect Teeth Alignment

Our smile is usually our best form of presentation. If we have a perfect and aligned denture, it certainly increases our confidence and self-esteem since we will not be afraid to show ourselves laughing in front of others.
However, not everyone enjoys the benefit of being born with a perfect smile. There can be many variants, such as an overbite, a crowding of the teeth; Too much space between the teeth or even missing teeth, which makes us candidates for teeth alignment treatment
With orthodontic treatments, our teeth are shifted to proper alignment by applying gentle and constant forces in a direction that will be carefully controlled by our teeth aligners and our trusted orthodontist.

Malocclusions and Orthodontics: Things You Should Know:

When we say malocclusion, we mean the misalignment of the teeth or the way in which the upper and lower teeth fit together. It is common for all people to have some degree of malocclusion which may generate the need for teeth alignment treatment.
Here are some things you should know about it:
What are the causes?
In many cases, uneven bites are simply inherited. In other cases, malocclusions are caused by skeletal growth problems. In cases like these, early intervention with orthodontic treatment can make a big difference and give space for a Perfect Teeth Alignment

At What Age Should I Start?
The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that children be evaluated, at the latest, at seven years to detect possible orthodontic problems. Early detection and preventive action can help avoid more difficult and expensive treatment in the future.
However, more than a fifth of orthodontic patients are currently an adult, so remember that it is never too late.

What Are The Options?
With the advancement of dental practices, more and more options are available for those who require teeth alignment treatment. Beyond the traditional braces, which are applied on the front of the teeth, there are now brackets that can be attached to the back of the teeth to prevent them from being noticed. Another popular option today is transparent orthodontic aligners; an alternative system that uses transparent, removable and customized trays to gradually straighten teeth.

Average Treatment Time?
The reality is that the treatment time will vary and is expected to range between one and three years, depending on the severity of the problem. However, the first results may take only six months.

And Regarding Maintenance?
Throughout the process, we should have some considerations and follow some good practices that we will recommend here below. Also, remember that once your treatment has concluded, the work has not yet been completed. It is advisable to use a retainer for a prescribed period of time to keep your new smile straight.

7 Tips For a Perfect Teeth Alignment

1. Do not hesitate to ask your orthodontist about cleaning tools. The truth is that maintaining good oral hygiene, cleaning all corners, the cracks between teeth, and also the braces and wires, can be a challenge – especially in the back of our mouth – Tools such as interdental brushes can make a difference against the traditional toothbrush and floss. Another option to consider is floss threader.

2. Consider replacing your toothbrush more frequently.

3. This will be very likely, due to the damage the brush will suffer.

4. It is always best to use a toothbrush with soft bristles or buy an electric toothbrush.

5. Perform a complete cleaning several times a day. We cannot risk showing laziness with our dental hygiene tips. It is important to be meticulous and take our time to make sure we don’t lose any spots.

6. Be gentle with your gums when flossing. In the eagerness to clean them, one should not be very rude with the gums. If we cause irritation we could generate an infection. That is why it is best to gently work the floss up and down, but without jamming it.

7. If possible, avoid foods with high acid content

These types of foods such as tomatoes, lemons, soda, and sauce can erode tooth enamel. Try to eat more alkaline foods like bananas, avocado, and cucumber. Be careful with hard and really crunchy foods that could damage your braces.

Fluoride is Our Ally:
Dental caries can occur when braces are used, but the good news is that fluoride can help. Be sure to use fluoride toothpaste and ask your orthodontist if fluoride mouthwash would also be good for your situation.

Consider Adding These Foods To Your Diet:
There are foods that are known to strengthen your teeth, some examples that should definitely be on your shopping list are:
Green tea and black tea – reduce the buildup of plaque on teeth – Blueberries – contain polyphenols that are good for teeth – Milk – drinking milk after eating something sweet reduces the acid that remains in the mouth – Raisins – They are a good source of phytochemicals, which means that eating them helps reduce bacteria in the mouth.

It is Always a Good Time To Start.
Taking care of our dental health with teeth alignment treatment is a commitment decision, but there are many benefits to consider the investment. It is important that we remember that it is never too late to start worrying about our teeth. Also, the sooner we start, the better the results. In the end, we could finish with perfect teeth alignment.

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