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At Teeth Align Direct, we offer the highest quality Teeth Devices available in the US.
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  • You can now receive professional teeth aligners and retainers from your home without a dentist office visit.
  • Our aligners and retainers are inspected by board certified technicians and are made of FDA compliant materials.
  • Order today and receive the same quality aligners and retainers for half the dental office price.

How it Works in 4 Easy Steps!

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Order your desired aligners or retainers from this website.

Receive Your Teeth Impression Kit

You will receive a teeth impression kit in the mail. The kit is included in the price of the device.

Take Impressions & Mail Back

Take your teeth impressions and mail them back to us in a provided postage paid envelope.

Recive Your Custom Teeth Device

Your custom teeth Aligners or Retainers will be made in 10-12 business days and shipped to your home.

Our Products

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  • FREE Complete instructions on how to take your teeth impressions
  • FREE Impression trays (small, medium and large) to best fit your teeth
  • FREE Additional impression putty if you do not take an accurate impression your first try
  • FREE 3-way postage paid shipping
  • FREE Teeth device carry case
  • FREE Teeth device adjustment

What People Say

Clear braces in Honolulu are considered as a valuable investment for you as it helps in changing your smile so that it will have a positive outcome for the rest of your life. If you are struggling with the problem of misaligned, crooked, misshapen or gaps in between your teeth, you should consider wearing braces that helps in increasing your self esteem and confidence level. These braces are made with lightweight, durable and high quality material that will function to straighten your teeth and enhance its alignment for making it look visually appealing.

You also have the option of wearing wire retainer in Honolulu because it is the best option for retaining an attractive and beautiful smile so that you will be confident of your looks. After you wear braces for the time period, you need to wear the retainers for keeping your smile straight and healthy. These braces can even be customized according to your teeth and overall health. This is the best way of preserving your smile and avoiding any relapse as you are going to enjoy a lifetime of straight and beautiful smile.

Teeth retainer in Honolulu is the best orthodontic device that helps in maintaining the alignment of your teeth it helps you to achieve the desired alignment by wearing the retainers for a certain period of time. These retainers are also very beneficial in treating a large number of dental issues so that you don’t have to suffer from teeth damage and it prevents the teeth from grinding together. The retainers function to maintain your teeth alignment after your braces have been removed as it is customized to give you the best results when you wear them for a certain period of time. Your teeth even get back to its original position when you wear the retainers continuously so that you are going to get the best teeth alignment.

Free Shipping On All Orders!

Our Teeth Impression Kit enables you to receive Teeth Aligners and Retainers without leaving home.


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