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At Teeth Align Direct, we offer the highest quality Teeth Devices available in the US.
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  • You can now receive professional teeth aligners and retainers from your home without a dentist office visit.
  • Our aligners and retainers are inspected by board certified technicians and are made of FDA compliant materials.
  • Order today and receive the same quality aligners and retainers for half the dental office price.

How it Works in 4 Easy Steps!

Place Order

Order your desired aligners or retainers from this website.

Receive Your Teeth Impression Kit

You will receive a teeth impression kit in the mail. The kit is included in the price of the device.

Take Impressions & Mail Back

Take your teeth impressions and mail them back to us in a provided postage paid envelope.

Recive Your Custom Teeth Device

Your custom teeth Aligners or Retainers will be made in 10-12 business days and shipped to your home.

Our Products

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  • FREE Complete instructions on how to take your teeth impressions
  • FREE Impression trays (small, medium and large) to best fit your teeth
  • FREE Additional impression putty if you do not take an accurate impression your first try
  • FREE 3-way postage paid shipping
  • FREE Teeth device carry case
  • FREE Teeth device adjustment

What People Say

If your teeth are misaligned or you need braces to look for invisible braces. Thanks to Invisible Braces Santa FE will restore your teeth without any problems or pain associated with them. That day, when the requirements for invisible braces ended, they got beautiful teeth.

When it comes to your teeth, this is usually the first thing people see when they start talking to you. If they notice that their teeth are dirty and require brushing, removal, and even lack of them, they think that the reason is poor hygiene and nothing more. If you are still not feeling well, you will have low self-confidence. Thanks to Invisalign Aligners Santa FE, your self-esteem will improve, and you will begin to notice how people perceive you. They look at you not only because of your teeth but also because you imagine a negative form. There are many advantages to using invisible zippers.

The appearance of the teeth:

Indeed, Clear Retainers Santa FE can make your mouth unattractive because it is full of nasty pieces of ugly metal. Therefore, they are very noticeable, especially in adults. At the same time, food depends on what you eat. However, this is hardly noticeable. They look very similar because the person wearing them does not wear knives at all. Therefore, they are more attractive than metal wire.


If you are talking about comfort levels, you can use the invisible braces treatment in Santa FE. It is very convenient and easy to carry. There is no doubt about it; this is one of the proven braces brands. Hidden alignment elements can be removed. If for any reason the owner wants to rent it for a short time, he can do it quickly.

Safe and Secure

Traditional braces contain wires and protruding pieces of metal that can penetrate and expand the inside of the mouth and gums. Now the buckles are smooth and comfortable. It includes no sharp edges, protruding edges, or parts. Conventional metal can affect the removal of metals and mills. Therefore, they use a lot of power to straighten their jaws. These problems do not occur in clear settings. Moreover, internal alignment elements reduce the damage typically caused by wearing braces devices, including gum disease, and the tooth cavity.

Free Shipping On All Orders!

Our Teeth Impression Kit enables you to receive Teeth Aligners and Retainers without leaving home.


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